Build Multi Currency E-Commerce website using WordPress, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe. Master WooCommerce & Plugins

Best SellerCreated by Arun Nagarathanam, Sharomena AarthiLast updated 9/2017EnglishWhat Will I Learn?

  • Learn How to Build ECommerce website using WordPress, plugins such as WooCommerce and official WooThemes from scratch
  • Get 5 Premium Grade ECommerce website Themes
  • Start Online eCommerce store to sell products
  • Get Free Domain + Hosting to learn this course
  • Setup and configure WordPress settings
  • Use various tools in WordPress
  • WooCommerce plugin setup for ECommerce website
  • Add different type of products to your eCommerce website
  • Install and setup 2 E-Commerce website themes
  • Customize Mystile e-Commerce theme as shown in preview
  • Setup and configure WooCommerce settings
  • Create & integrate an Online Amazon Affiliate Store inside your E-Commerce website
  • Import Products from Amazon and Earn automated affiliate commissions
  • Install and create 3 awesome, responsive pricing tables
  • Setup PayPal Standard & Stripe Payment gateway
  • Make test transactions with credit, debit card and bank transfer
  • Automatic refunds from WordPress orders dashboard
  • Manage all the orders in orders dashboard
  • Add attachments, title and rating features to user reviews
  • Analyze and interpret the order reports
  • Improve your web site’s page loading speed
  • Add 3 different styles of Pricing Tables
  • 100% security and firewall protection for WordPress websites from Hackers


  • No coding skills needed to build this ECommerce website in WordPress using WooCommerce
  • Windows or Linux OS or Mac. Though Mac has got some minor issues with XAMPP (localhost WordPress) installation alone


This complete course on Building E-Commerce Website using WordPress & WooCommerce is all about creating an ecommerce website from scratch based on WordPress CMS and 15+ free WordPress / WooCommerce plugins.

Each lecture is prepared, scripted and produced with closed captions.

You’ll learn from the basics of where to buy hosting, domain to advanced topics like setting up an automatic Amazon affiliate store, PayPal & Stripe payment gateways.

By the end of this complete ECommerce website course, you can transcend from an absolutely Zero to a Hero, running a powerful online store to sell your products, in just 10 hours.

See What Students are saying about this ECommerce website Course:

Very well prepared presentation. The presentation is engaging and filled with valuable information for designing eCommerce websites. The instructor speaks with inflection in his voice – not monotone – keeping the attention of the student. This is an excellent course and I would recommend the course to all who are considering taking this eCommerce course. – Matt Hayes

If you wanna learn from the best, this is the course for you. I never purchase online courses but this is different, this is a complete guide about how to develop ecommerce sites . our teacher is excellent person, very committed and willing to help at all time. – Daniel Cure Velasquez

This course is amazing. I’m confident I know how to build any commerce website using wordpress! – Inventor and Entrepreneur Kirsch Mackey

Extremely detailed and Great Support would recommend, worth the money!!! – Nuno Tavares

Best course i’ve found for e commerce and word press. The instructor is easy to understand and confident. – Bob Houle

Perfect course. This is a 10 * course if possible to be rated. This is all you need to know about e-commerce website setup. Trust me you are getting not just the e-commerce site setup. It also shows how to really really make money out of it. From SEO to setting up affiliate products, you get it all. You will be a shining star once you’ve finished this course and I’m sure you’l make money out of it. – Ashok Kumar N Rao

The instructors are generous with their time and updates and, although I haven’t yet finished the entire course, I’m quite favorably impressed with what I’ve seen so far. For me it has been a good investment. – Richard Dernister

Very precise and consistent with a lot great of informations. The instructor is fantastic. I would recommend this course to anyone. Good job! – Woodhess Saint Amour

What an exceptional course, I ever seen. Mr. Arun and Ms. Sharomena put tremendous effort to build such a beautiful course on udemy. It cover WordPress from all prospective. I also appreciate the response you give me on time. Anyone who wish to learn every detail must take this course, its worth to watch each lesson. Once again thanks Mr. Arun and Ms. Sharomena – Faisal Qamar



August: Customization and WooCommerce settings – 6 lectures – 28 Mins


Dec 02: WooCommerce Setup – 1 Lecture – 5 Mins

Nov 26: Shipping Setting complete overhaul – 3 Lectures – 19 Mins

Oct 29: New Promo video and Introduction Lecture – 2 Lectures – 13 Mins

April 14: Add Multi-Currency Payment Support – 6 Lectures – 28 Mins

March 19: Amazon Affiliate Store Section – 11 Lectures – 40 Mins

March 04: Stripe Payment Gateway Section – 6 Lectures – 30 Mins

January 20: Pricing Table Section – 4 Lectures – 50 Mins

January 15: Speed up + Add plugins, Sales Reports Analysis, Customer Reviews Sections – 16 Lectures – 60 Mins

January 5: Secure Your Website Section – 11 Lectures – 25 Mins

Social Proof

  • Over 5500+ satisfied students
  • Over 200 Positive reviews
  • Closed Captions (English Subtitles)
  • 11 hours of HD content
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 30 Days money back guarantee – No questions asked!
  • Above all – Instructor with ‘Lightning speed’ badge holder for his fast response time and support

This ECommerce Website course is structured in the following manner

  1. Install WordPress on your laptop / computer for free
  2. Get free domain and hosting to learn this ECommerce website course
  3. Introduction to WordPress Essentials
  4. Setup & Configure WordPress Tools & Settings
  5. Install & setup WooCommerce plugin – Turning your website to an ECommerce Website
  6. Types of ECommerce Products that you can sell in your store
  7. Install and Customize 2 Official ECommerce WordPress themes Woo-themes
  8. Add and Copy Multiple Products quickly
  9. Give Professional look to your ECommerce website
  10. Customize a new premium grade ECommerce theme from Woo-theme
  11. Configure each and every WooCommerce Settings step-by-step
  12. Create Pricing Tables to showcase your pricing plans
  13. Create Amazon Affiliate Store
  14. Configure PayPal, Stripe Payment Gateway and make test transactions with Credit / Debit card etc.
  15. Add Multi-Currency Payment Support
  16. Manage your sales Orders in your ECommerce website
  17. Improve page loading speed & Add recommended Plugins
  18. Secure your ECommerce store against any threat / attack
  19. Analyze & Interpret your ECommerce sales reports
  20. Setup and Manage Advanced Review system

What’s so Special about this ECommerce website course

  • If you opt for a Web designer, you may be charged $1000 for creating a custom theme.
  • Instead if you choose a professional website building company they may charge you $600. But the limitation is that, you cannot ask for a custom design and they won’t offer any post purchase support too.

If you start up this course, you yourself will become an expert in building and customizing your own ECommerce website with various WordPress themes and plugins.

Above all, we will be with you, all the way down while building your website, to help you troubleshoot all the issues you may face.Who is the target audience?

  • Do you want to build your own E-Commerce Website in the free & easy WordPress CMS using WooCommerce and PayPal or Stripe Gateway?
  • Small & Medium size shop owners – Expand your market to national / international market with minimal investment using an online Woocommerce store
  • Business people – Got products in hand? But can’t invest in renting shops for selling products! Start WooCommerce store and sell products
  • Traders – Who want to establish a professional eCommerce website?
  • Entrepreneurs dreaming for their own Online Business Startups or Online eCommerce website to sell products
  • Affiliates looking to build Amazon affiliate store
  • Web builders / designers – Earn $599 per eCommerce WordPress website setup
  • No prior web site building experience or coding knowledge is needed.
  • This course is probably not for you, if you’re looking to learn CSS or PHP or HTML and build an ecommerce website using these programming languages
  • This eCommerce website course is suited for both newbies, who are not familiar with website building and/or for students looking to build WordPress websites using WooCommerce.

Size: 3.49G

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