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Snake Game in .net with Source code

Free Download Snake Game open source Game  in .Net desktop Application  with  Source code  . Snake Game .net Desktop Application Project Source codes. .Net Final year Project with Source code for Students.

The snake increases its length and speed by 1 square unit (10 pixels x 10 pixels) and by 4 percent of its initial speed respectively for every additional 5 points garnered in the game. Initially, the time interval for the Timer control is 50 milliseconds and 4 percent of 50 is 2, this is the value we use to decrease further the time interval making the snake to move faster.

The execution speed for the rendering of the snake does not change no matter how long the snake turns out in the game process. This is because what we do is we only add a new ‘head’ and remove the current ‘tail’ by manipulating the collection object that holds the snake’s squares (square selections).

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Main Features of  Human Resource Management System

1.Snake Length
2 Snake Food
4.Different Frame
5.All Related Reports

You can access the system using the following accounts.

  • Username : admin
  • Password:admin

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