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Mobile Shop Management System With Source Code

Download Mobile Shop Management System With Source Code in C# (Desktop Application) for free. Final Year Project for managing Mobile Shop with SQL Database and Documentation.

Project ID:                                         1

Project Name:           Mobile Shop Management System

Developer Name:                      Zaheer Alam

Upload Date:                             4-23-2019

Platform:                               C# Desktop Application

Programming Language:                    C#

IDE Tool:                                 Visual Studio 2012

Database:                                  MS Sql

Database Tool:                   Microsoft Management Studio 2014


  • Mobile Shop Complete Billing (Sale Cash).
  • Whole Inventory Control.
  • Phone Record With IMEI
  • Complete Store Expense Control System.
  • Purchasing Record.
  • Banking Payment.
  • Customer Record (with Payment and Invoice record).
  • Owner Logins Controls.
  • User Control With Cashbook
  • General Leger

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The Mobile Store Management System is developed for desktop systems to facilitate mobile shop owners’ management of customer details and inventory data, which will include mobile phones and accessories. More it also include Billing, expense, banking, user rights, it can be used efficiently for physically separated shops in different locations. This software will provide in a simple and easy to operate user interface, which can be managed by any user without having prior in-depth knowledge of the computer system. One can use this software to get a sales report. Administrators can pull data, from any location from the server.

This software is a complete package for small organizations which will allow them to keep track of their sales and inventory, and provide a computerized billing system. There are various applications with more complex implementation and features available in the market, but they are generally very expensive. Therefore, creating an application with the basic requirement of low cost is essential for small organizations. This application will allow stores to manage customer details, keep inventory of all products and purchase information, in a very simple way, using a state-of the-art software application. It will automatically generate invoices and update inventory.

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