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React Redux Firebase CRUD Application with Authentication Course

Learn React from scratch with Redux and Firebase(database) to build web apps with Authentication and CRUD features.

What you’ll learn

React Redux Firebase CRUD Application with Authentication Course

  • Learn Modern JavaScript
  • React from Scratch
  • Learn Redux
  • Integrate Redux in React Project
  • Learn to build a real world project
  • How to implement CRUD – Create, Read, Update, Delete
  • Learn to use Firebase Realtime Database
  • Implement Commenting system
  • Social Login
  • React Router for Navigation
  • Build a Real Time app
  • Authorization/Protected Routes
  • Deploy to Firebase


  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript or any other Programming Language


Have you been looking for a FULLY EXPLAINED React with Redux course that goes beyond basics and shows you how to build a Real World Web App? Well, you have arrived to the right place!

Lets get straight to the point. You spend weeks, months learning React ES6 etc right?

In this course you will learn to build User Interface using Reactmanage state using Redux and make CRUD (create, read, update, delete) operations with Firebase, which is a Realtime Database in the cloud by Google.

Noting beats the hands on practical experience.

Please watch the promo video and go through the Curriculum to get a bigger picture of this course! Thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone want to learn React JS to build Lightning Fast Web Apps with Firebase Realtime Database

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